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Controller "blocked" after downgrade

Hi again.

Due to several tests we are making in our controller trying to solve some problems with network connection we downgrade a D620 with version to version

Although we have already done this procedure several times without problem today we found that the controller got block. It is, after downgrade first partition (no boot one) and restart it as normal, when it came to the step where you have to fill user and password, nothing happends and it asked continously for user and passwor without end. No error message or incorrect password, just user - password - user...

the point is that now I can´t access to it. I can only access by boot. I purge both partitions and after reload, it start the process to "first installation" and once finished and after reload, it starts the "first installation" process again without end.

any idea how can I upgrade by boot?. Is there any way by USB I can load again the new version Any command?

Sorry for so many questions.

Thanks in advances for your help.
Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Re: Controller "blocked" after downgrade

Please contact support, they can walk you through the procedure of booting from TFTP to get the system working again.

Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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