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Controllers Just failing....

We were running code and had a bug that Support told was originally going to repaired in 4.x.x.x code (now the 5.x code frame). After we had numerous "kernel panic's" working with support they said would fix our problem.

It hasnt-but has anyone else had this problem?-kernel panics and controller dumping?

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Re: Controllers Just failing....

Ian...what bugid in particular were you referencing regarding kernal panic?

Controllers Just failing....

The Kernel item is all in likelyhood covered under Issue # 37377. I
have observed this with one of my deployments in-region.

Introduction of the code in the cases I am citing was a full
and immediate remedy to the kernel issue across multiple

So...Ian, the kernel patch -does- improve things, however seems like it
does not adequately cover the issue at work on your controllers and more
analysis may be needed to find the final cause/resolution combination.

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