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Controllers Recomended Capacity


i know from all the data sheets what the maximum client capacity's are for the controllers, however, is there a recomended % of this limit that you should keep within for best practice?
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Re: Controllers Recomended Capacity

I have customers running right up to the maximum number of APs per the controller, but that is not always recommended. Most people try to stay at 75-80% of the total capacity.
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Aruba Employee

Re: Controllers Recomended Capacity

The controller VRD has some recommendations that can help you out. We've seen people run them pretty well all the way up to the max, but like anything that doesn't leave you a lot of headroom. As Olin mentioned I would shoot for 80%, but again it depends on what you're doing. Many things come in to play such as data plane utilization, number of SSIDs, etc.

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