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Copying/cloning existing SSID and profiles

I'm currently doing a small pilot using captive portal. I know that my existing profiles work, however the full roll out will have a different SSID (not yet decided).

Since we have existing users on the system, I'd like to be able to copy/clone the existing settings, only changing the SSID. I've been told that I can disable the SSID until we are ready to turn it on (several months down the road).

What is the easiest way to accomplish this? I went in to the existing SSID profile and did a "save as," changing and disabling the SSID (and it's not currently applied to any groups).

Is it that simple? I think I'm getting confused by all of the different things I see with the same names:


Do all of these need to be recreated (eg: should I now have a new "FreeWiFi-xxxx_prof that matches the above)?
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