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D-LINK DWA-547- 300 MBPS (802.11n DRAFT)

help me please

I use D-LINK DWA-547 -300 MBPS (802.11n Draft) that is Wireless Card
I connect to Linksys AP and i check speed for connection between Wireless card and Linksys AP it is 300 Mbps


when i connect to the Aruba AP (AP93) and i check speed it is 150 Mbps
why it is not 300 Mbps
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Re: D-LINK DWA-547- 300 MBPS (802.11n DRAFT)

please see at attached file krub
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Re: D-LINK DWA-547- 300 MBPS (802.11n DRAFT)


Is the AP-93 set to 2.4 GHz ?

From your issue description, it seems to me that your AP-93 is set to 2.4 GHz.

When the AP-93 is set to 2.4 GHz, it will by default advertise using a 20 MHz 802.11n channel.

The maximum throughput of that channel (from any vendor) would be 150 Mbps... that explains what you are seeing.

If you want the AP-93 to offer 300 Mbps 802.11n, then you should switch it to 5.0 GHz... which will force it's default operation up to 40 MHz 802.11n channel use. That 40 MHz 802.11n channel (from any vendor) will support up to 300 Mbps.
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also consider this...

You have 3 non overlapping channels@2.4Ghz. Channel bonding here isnt recommended because only 3 channels will consume 2 of 3 on a single AP. So scalability is extremely limited. Do as ithers suggested. Run 802.11n on the 5Ghz channels where you have 23 channels to work with. Aside of 3 @2.4Ghz. Leave 2.4 alone for legacy devices... and a dual radio AP serves both. Perhaps compliment your AP 93 with a 105 in that area abd serve both users or another 93 10 ft away @ 5Ghz and channel bonding. The 105 is a nice compliment as you can channelbond 5Ghz and leave the 2.4 Ghz for legacy devices and can provide increased capacity. Does that make sense?
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