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DHCP Option 252 syntax


I am trying to set up a guest network which provides a proxy configuration file via dhcp option 252 with the proxy.pac file being hosted on the controller. I have got this working before but for some reason cannot anymore. I need to know the syntax to set the dhcp option please.

I have used:
conf t
ip dhcp pool "guest_pool"
option 252 text ""

The location of the pac file is correct and I have confirmed this by downloading the flashbackup.

The problem is that the option does not appear to be applied as if I do a packet capture on the client, do not se it attempt to get the pac file after receiving its address via dhcp.

any ideas?

Re: DHCP Option 252 syntax

You might try this:

option 252 text "\n"

That's how I have seen it configured on other DHCP servers, using the newline character at the end.

Have you done a packet capture on the client during the DHCP process to see if the server is returning the option?
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Re: DHCP Option 252 syntax

Yes have tried the packet capture and do not see the option from the server. I have done this before and got it to work and always saw the the option from the server in the packet capture which makes me think I had not set it up correctly. I will try the newline character.
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Re: DHCP Option 252 syntax

Right, did that work ? Without the \n it does not work here as well.
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Re: DHCP Option 252 syntax

It didn't work for me with or without the \n

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Option 252


There was a bug where the controller was adding an extra space to the end of the DHCP option when it is text and that was keeping the option from being downloaded to the client. The bug is fixed in ArubaOS and ArubaOS, if you want to try now. It is in the and release notes.

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