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DHCP lease options and multiple subnets

Our controller currently has 6 class C subnets assigned and 6 different vlans assigned, one per subnet. We use an external DHCP server, not the one in the controller. A user connects to an SSID, the controller decides what vlan to put the user in, and then forwards that to the router, and then the router sends the DHCP request to the DHCP server. The question I was wondering, is how does the controller determine what vlan to put the user in? Is it as simple as a round robin, or are there some other algorithms involved?

We have had problems where some subnets are out of leases and other subnets have available leases, but the controller is putting the users in subnets without available leases.

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Re: DHCP lease options and multiple subnets

There is an algorithm that hashes the MAC address and comes up with a VLAN to put it in. That way, the same client (assuming the MAC address and the VLAN pool size remains the same) will always get put in the same VLAN.

In newer code (don't recall the exact ver), you can specify round robin.
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