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DHCP on vlan


I have problem with dhcp. I already configured dot1x with peap and radius auth, but after client is authenticated he doesn't get ip addres.

I have vlan 30 with dhcp pool enabled.
In virtual access point I have assign it to vlan 30.

So what could be wrong??

I'm using win xp sp2 and arubaos 5.0.1 200 controller

Piotr Bratkowski
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show user-table verbose

Do a "show user-table verbose" on the commandline to see what VLAN the user ends up in. Do a "show rights " to make sure that role has an acl to allow dhcp. Also do "show vlan status" to see what VLANs are assigned to what ports. Do a "show ip dhcp database" to see if DHCP is running and configured.

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Re: DHCP on vlan


I've checked show vlan status and got this

(Aruba200) #show vlan status

Vlan Status
VlanId IPAddress Adminstate Operstate PortCount Nat Inside Mode Ports
------ --------- ---------- --------- --------- ---------- ---- -----
1 unassigned/unassigned Enabled Down 0 Disabled Regular
30 Enabled Down 0 Disabled Regular
200 Enabled Up 2 Disabled Regular FE1/0 GE1/1

So how to configure vlan 30 to be up and at the same time not be assign to port? Is it possible? My idea is that wireless LAN 172.16.30/24 is completely isolated from wire.



It's working. I forgot about DENY all rule in my firewall for this profile. But thanks for help and debugging commands :]
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