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Dell PowerConnect 5324 and IAP-105-US

I have 3 Aruba IAP-105-US.

Currently, I have a three Dell Powerconnect 5324 Switches in the following configuration...

Server Switch VLAN ID 1 with Windows DHCP Server
Switch 1 with VLAN ID 1
Switch 2 with VLAN ID 1, and VLAN ID 2. DHCP for VLAN ID 2 is handled by Firewall DMZ that is connected to a VLAN ID 2 port that is a member of VLAN ID 2 in untagged mode.

Aruba IAP-105-US is connected to port g3 and is marked as a member of VLAN ID 1 and VLAN ID 2. It is marked as tagged for VLAN ID 2. Customer network on VLAN ID 2 appears to be working perfectly with the IAP-105. Employee Network on VLAN ID 1 is not working with the IAP-105. I suspect that it is the result of a problem on the Dell Switch not allowing tagging of VLAN ID 1, as VLAN ID 1 is considered default management vlan and restricts this ability. I wanted to check with Aruba Specialist to see if they have ever worked with a Dell PowerConnect Switch (5524P) before upgrading to this switch which supports tagging of VLAN ID 1 traffic. I am assuming that once I am able to mark the switch port as having tagged on VLAN ID 1 that my DHCP server located on the Server Switch will be able to pass DHCP to devices connected through the Aruba IAP-105 on the Switch 2.

I can statically assign an IP address to the a device connected through the Employee Network on the IAP-105 and am able to connect, so I assume that my problem is something with the switch.

Please advise me if purchasing a PowerConnect 5524P will solve my problem with the other VLAN.
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Re: Dell PowerConnect 5324 and IAP-105-US

Try this on DELL (my switch is 6200, not sure if it works for yours):
console(config)# int eth g3
console(config-if)# switchport mode general
console(config-if)# switchport general allow vlan add 2 tagged
01-Jan-2000 01:12:08 %LINK-I-Up: Vlan 2
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