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Disabling Modules

Hi, am getting a bit miffed with Aruba's licensing, having recently purchased more AP licenses I now apparently need to purchase more PEF and WIP licenses.. grr!

Anyhow, does anyone know how to disable modules (such as WIP and PEF!)


Disabling Modules

Straightforward process I would recommend:
1. Navigate to: Configuration/Controller/Licenses in the WEBUI
2. Capture the licenses into a text file (copy)
3. Delete the PEF key from this screen (same one:
4. Delete the WIP key from this screen (same one:
5. Reboot to remove all PEF and WIP functionality.
6. You are now left with AP licenses only.

FYI, licensing is designed with one general rule-set in mind: AP PEFNG = WIP .
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Re: Disabling Modules

Stephen - just make sure you remove the licenses when you have a maintenance window and reboot the controller right afterward. I have seen some very strange issues with client connectivity between the license removal and the reboot.