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Dual Ethernet on AP125 with RAP

Do you know if the following can be configured with RAP?
One AP 125 at a remote site, with two physical connections to the network.
The AP primary port is connected to the local network and used to create the IPSEC tunnel to the controller over MPLS. The other port will be connected to the DMZ and used for bridged guest traffic with the Internet security policy being applied on the perimeter firewall.
2 SSID's
(Employee) This SSID will be setup for split tunnel and 802.1x authentication. Local traffic will be sent out of the primary interface to the local network for file access and printing.
(Guest) This SSID will be setup to bridge to the other physical interface on the AP 125 and ultimately out to the Internet. No CP.
Is this a supported configuration? If yes, do you have any sample configs?
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