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Enabling Jumbo Frames?

Hi all,

As has been mentioned in other posts, I'm seeing Jumbo frame errors reported by our switches connected to APs (and controllers).

I've seen the recommended solution of setting the MTU in the AP profile however I'm wondering about the benefit of actually enabling Jumbo frames for the AP VLAN?

Some of our APs are connected to switches which do support Jumbo frames and other's don't (connected at 100MB/s). A handful are connected to 1GB/s ports.

What benefit would I see if I enabled Jumbo frames where possible, and would there be any issue in having some APs with and some APs without?

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Re: Enabling Jumbo Frames?

No benefit if all your switches cannot pass them. The errors you are probably seeing are from MTU discovery on the access points and can be ignored.

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Re: Enabling Jumbo Frames?

OK, thanks :)
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