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External Captive Portal - Registration Page

I'm looking to see if anyone has configured an external captive portal web page that guest users can "Register" via. I'm trying to create a one time registration, that will throw the mac-address as well as some other info (first, last, email) into a "valid" user database.

Hopefully this will allow only new users to register, and once registered never have to view the captive portal page again.

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External Captive Portal

Sure you can do this...

Once you have external captive portal setup, its up to you to implement any databases, scripts, etc... needed to provide for this type of setup.

Are you looking for a pre-packaged external server to do this? (which is where your question seems to be leading...)
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Re: External Captive Portal - Registration Page

Exactly, I've been working on setting up a registration script, but if someone knows of software or project that does something like this, that would be a huge help.

Re: External Captive Portal - Registration Page

Well, Aruba ECS does this, and a lot more... there's a price tag on that product of course. I'm not sure if you were looking for free or not. :)
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