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Factory Reset with installed APs


Don't know if this has been discussed before, sorry if it already had.

I'm planning to factory reset my Aruba 6000 and write all the configuration again, but I wonder what happen with my 100 APs already installed throughout the campus ?
Will they attach to the controller after I set the same IP address on it ?
or Do I have to factory reset all APs too ?

Thanks for any help.


Factory Reset with installed APs

They will reattach.

There are multiple mechanisms that can be used by the APs...

a) if the controller advertises (ADP) its IP address throughout the campus.
b) they will also reattach if each AP already has programming to point to the controller's IP address .
c) they will also reattach if the controllers IP is in your DNS server and/or DHCP scope that the APs get

As the APs reattach they will look for their old make sure you rebuild the controller with the same AP-group names ;)
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Re: Factory Reset with installed APs

Thanks for your fast help Jason,

So I have to keep same IP's, AP-Group names in the controller.
I have static IPs on each AP.
I'm planning to change the VLAN's scheme in the new configuration I hope that won't cause any trouble.

Factory Reset with installed APs


Changing the VLAN scheme is fine... just adjust the "Virtual-AP profile" VLAN IDs to correspond to the new settings and all will be well.
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