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Factory default SSL certificate expiring soon

If you are using the factory default SSL certificate "", please be advised that the certificate is expiring in June. The attached document gives more information and lets you know what your options are.

Jon Green, ACMX, CISSP
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Re: Factory default SSL certificate expiring soon

Thanks for the info, good to know :cool:
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Does a new custom certificate need to be replaced when hardware is replaced?

We are planning to replace the factory certificate with one obtained from a CA for each of our controllers before the 29 June 2011 expiration.

With a custom certificate key pair in use, after we replace hardware (controllers) in the future...will the existing key pair work, or would a new Certificate Signing Request have to be submitted to a CA and new key pair installed? The controllers being replaced would re-use the IP address and system name (Common Name) as before.
Thanks in advance
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Hi all.

How do I change the controllers DNS address if I what to use another certificate?

Here is the full story: If I make certificate request and create certificate based on that and upload it to controller and set it as default certificate for captive portal, controller will automatically change dns name from to my new cn on my new cert like But if I upload my cert using PCKS12 it wont update my DNS automatically. Where can I change that?


- J2R2
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Re: Factory default SSL certificate expiring soon

Please open a TAC case about this. When doing Captive Portal, it should change the name.

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Re: Factory default SSL certificate expiring soon

Sorry about the last post, it works fine just had problem AP going to master that didn't had that cert installed.

But now another question, I have used Godaddy and Geotrust certs and both gives SSL error when using captive portal, so the question is that where can I upload intermediate certificate to controller and use it? Or does anyone know where to get cheap cert that JUST works and can be applied to multiple servers?

- J2
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can't use the same PEM file

guys i ran into this issue when replacing the certificates. i generated the CSR and got the pem file import without issue. then i use the same pem file for other controllers. It got reject with error message saying private key not match. This is going to be an hassle since we bought the certificate. We can't same the same csr for all controller. Is there anyway to export the pem file from the working controller and import to other controllers?
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Re: Factory default SSL certificate expiring soon

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So its possible?

Thanks Colin!

Not recommend but possible right?
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problem after installing self generated cert

Has anybody successfully implemented new cert into the controllers? I did mine and applied it to 802.1x authentication but my users still cannot authenticate. anybody got any ideas on how to do it? :confused:
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