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Guest Account Provisioning

Hi Everyone - No technical question here, but more of one around administration. We've been struggling with procedures around guest credential provisioning, specifically who is going to do it. We're a large company with about 50 major sites that would potentially have guest wireless. The initial proposal was to have our site security folks take care of the provisioning, but that was nixed my our Facilities folks.
We're quickly running out of ideas on how we should proceed with this...Can anyone share any of their experiences with this and how they may have addressed this issue?
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Re: Guest Account Provisioning

My little experience in this issue was actually taken form the instructor,
he told us that secretaries in each branch can do that part for the guests.
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Re: Guest Account Provisioning

We had someone code a front-end guest account request webpage that needs to be completed by our employee who is sponsoring the guest while they are on-site. Once completed, the website automatically and instantly provisons a guest account on our RADIUS servers and the guest can use it immediately. The sponsors also have the ability to setup "meeting" guest accounts if they are going to have a large number of guests on-site and don't want to request individual accounts for each of them. The single meeting guest account can be used by everyone in the meeting. Once the duration of the request has expired, the code automatically removes the guest account from our RADIUS servers. This has worked extremely well for us, but would require that you have someone with the knowledge to code a front-end webpage, back-end database, and RADIUS connectivity.
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Not to endorse products here, but Amigopod ( also has a very slick guest access product that integrates with Aruba very well.

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Re: Guest Account Provisioning

I set up the receptionist / Admin secretary for each location, along with at least one on-site backup and one off-site backup (ie : another secretary at a different location). This provides coverage in the event of vacations, sick days, etc.

At a few locations, the desktop support tech requested that he be the admin instead of a secretary, which is fine with me.

I have a pdf file that I send them explaining the process, and how to set up guest users.

And then every location has my contact info in the event none of those people are available.
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Re: Guest Account Provisioning

We purchased a product that allows the user to self-register. Their sponsor then contacts the help desk to have the account activated.
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