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Hard cracked Client problems


I'm troubleshooting client problems on a customer site where we have a building with 8 floors containing ~350 users spread on 38 AP125. The master and local controller that the accesspoints terminate to is on a remote site connected with 100Mbit dedicated line.

About a month ago the clients har problems with low signal strenght, bad throughput and disconnections on this same site. When they got disconnected it could take 10 minutes to get back online with that client. We then enabled VLAN mobility, block broadcast, convert broadcast arp to unicast and this solved the problem! The users said it was a night and day difference and everything was great... for two weeks..

Now they are experiencing similar problems. Not as bad as before, but still bad signal strenght and disconnections. This seems to occur more on 2 specific floors. Floor 7 and 5. When I follow users on floor number 7 I see that many of them connect to APs either from a floor above or a floor below. I even found one that connected to an AP 2 floors below! Why do they do that? Inteference?

The APs are configured as remote accesspoints and are in bridge mode for the main SSIDs. The customer has expanded the subnet to a /23 mask but is only filling about 60% of it. So it's abit more than a full /24 subnet. (We have notified the customer that they should segment this into 2 VLANs instead and that will be done)

On the other side of this we have some clients who thinks the wireless network is great, never experiences any trouble. (At least that is what they think).

Any suggestions, thoughts or tips about what could be causing these random problems are more than welcome!
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Re: Hard cracked Client problems

Are all the clients the same? What wireless adapter/OS?
Are they using encryption?
Were there any recent changes to the location?
What version of ArubaOS?
Please use the troubleshooting guide here to form a strategy:

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Re: Hard cracked Client problems

Thank you for your answer!

It's a mixed clientenvironment with older Windows XP clients and newer Windows 7 clients.

We are using WPA TKIP, and after supportcall from Arubasupport we disabled HT and checked "allow weak encryption" to make things more straight foward.

According to the customer there has been no recent networkingchanges.


After the change recommended from Aruba, some problems seems to have dissapeared. Though we see clients stubbornly trying to use g band on other floors APs. After client driverchange this client connected to nearest AP and on the a band. I bet lots of their experienced problems are client related.