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How Do I support MDNS on Large Aruba Deployment

I have a large Aruba deployment using vlan pooling. Vlan pooling has worked quite well for us and has done a great job controlling broadcasts.

I have recently run into issues supporting apple clients and mdns. Apple clients do not discover each because they get assigned to different vlans due to vlan pooling. User is able to sync his devices at home using thing but runs into problems on university network. I could disable vlan pooling and create a large flat network but this would impact my performance. This could also impact the apple devices because large numbers of devices advertised by mdns could impact mobile devices like the iphone.

Wondering how other schools are dealing with this issue. Is there an alternative to mdns like dynamic dns that could be used instead?


Stephen Holland
Northeastern University
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Re: How Do I support MDNS on Large Aruba Deployment

I am not using vlan pooling as I did not want many SSID's floating around. So we use one SSID and have the vlan assigned via the role depending on the building. This is also a bit limiting with roaming and such but so far we do not have mobile VoIP on our network and so no worries. A bonus side to this is that students are in the same vlan depending on building on so we have had no complaints.

I would like to switch to pooling sometime and I'm hoping that perhaps Aruba will build pooling into the roles. That would be exciting. Although inconvenient, a student cannot sync through other networks to their off-campus home computers so I do not think this would be a big complaint in our environment.
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