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How many users on VIA clients on these controllers

Hi All,
My boss is being a cheap skate and won't buy a VIA licence for our M3 card. He has spoken to a company and the offered some smaller controllers which are cheaper to licence.

Problem I have is the following they say they do 512 connections or 256 connections for example but when looking at the data sheet that is active users and when you go further down its a lower number if its IPSec connections.

Would I be right in saying VIA uses IPSec connections not general user sessions.

The controllers are

Aruba A3200 - Claimed 512
Aruba 650 - Claimed 512
Aruba 620 - Claimed 256

The claimed part is by the business.

Any Help would be great.

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Re: How many users on VIA clients on these controllers

VIA either uses IPsec or SSL to connect. SSL is used if the client can not make the connection with ipsec.
your 6xx numbers are correct but a 3200 can support 2048 ipsec tunnels.

One thing that date sheets don't tell you is if your via client falls back to ssl then cut all of the ipsec numbers in half.
IE for a 3200
ipsec -2048
ssl -1024
David Dipert
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