ArubaOS and Controllers

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How often to reboot controllers?

I'm curious if there is a recommended reboot schedule for the controllers - 3600 and 620, all running

Are there any potential issues with rebooting? I have an admin that thinks rebooting is the answer to all issues, so on the few occasions that we get a call about a wireless issue, the first thing he does is to reboot the controller.

No Fixed Schedule to reboot controllers

There is no fixed / best practice recommendation to reboot controllers on a scheduled basis. The controllers are like any other Network equipment that runs a combination of hardware and software based processes. You can monitor CPU and memory usage and if you see negative trends you can 'refresh' things with a reboot.... however I would never do that 'just because'.

Typically what I recommend in my deployments is that software be upgraded twice a year for new features/stablization/enhancements etc. During the software upgrade process, obviously the controller(s) will be rebooted. So they get a 'free' reboot a handful of times per year.

Outside of that I have seen little requirement to reboot the controllers on a routine basis.

I feel for you on the 'reboot happy' team member. Seen this across many sites/teams....and only outdone by those that think rebooting _multiple_ times in succession somehow fixes things ( "I rebooted 5 times in a row and the problem is still there") ;-)
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