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How to assign DHCP Pool to VLAN?

Having some trouble here finding where to assign a DHCP pool to a vlan?


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I'm running code 5.x

Thanks in advance!

DHCP Pool and VLAN(s)

You create DHCP pools on the WEBUI under: Configuration/IP/DHCP Server
(Enable and Create Scopes, and exclusions as required) DHCP options can easily be added via CLI.

The related VLAN configuration is done on the WEBUI under: Configuration/IP/pick-a-VLAN/Edit. Assign a layer 3 address to a VLAN and a mask that matches the network you wish to serve DHCP out on.

Next assign the VLAN(s) to the Virtual AP or role that you are working with.

With that configuraiton in place (DHCP server ON, VLAN with IP configured, and Virtual AP configured for the VLAN(s)) the Aruba controller DHCP server will listen for and hand out addresses in that/those VLAN(s)
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