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How to deal with guest-logon users that never log on.

I am trying to find a way to deal with guest-logon users that have associated to an AP but have not logged on to the Captive Portal.

I can at any time have over 200 of these clients and they are beginning to have an impact on the DHCP scope for my guest network. I have a very short lease time but the sheer number of client devices is overwhelming!

For the most part these are devices such as iPhones that are associating as a default behaviour but the user never logs in.

Any ideas on how I might solve the problem would be appreciated.

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Re: How to deal with guest-logon users that never log on.

You can try putting a dhcp server machine on that guest subnet to handle much more dhcp leases...

Also, you can try editing the ACLs of the guest-logon role to make the guest-logon traffic has the lowest priority and the lowest BW-limit. Moreover, you can set a moderate amount of airtime to the whole guest SSID to guarantee the smooth operation of the other SSIDs.

The worst case would be hiding the SSID and giving the SSID name to the guests upon their requests...
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same shi... with blackberry and others...

Algo similar pasa en mi caso debido a que el proyecto así se pensó hace ya algunos años... Espero convenzas a tu jefes de la necesidad de eliminar el esquema "open" (sin cifrado) al menos para reducir este tipo de conexiones ya que uno no puede controlar que los dispositivos se conecten automáticamente a lo primero que encuentren, dejando como remedios alternativos:
1.-No OPEN essid. Al menos WEP y hacer pública la clave, de esta manera ya no podrán asociarse y obtener ip por omisión, quien se conecte será porque se quiere asociar y sabe la clave, después presentar el portal cautivo (suerte).
2.-ACL por OUI detectado históricamente en logon/nunca autenticado.
3.-Otro Pool de DHCP :(
4.-Abrir un caso al TAC... and good look with the $ when they forward to an channel to "solve" this that need to be on the hidden/unavailable best practices docs...

Sorry my english ;)
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