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How to detect a greedy client

We are monitoring the input and output volume of traffic on our aruba controller interfaces. Since 3 days ago there is a constant outbound traffic of 20 Mbps.
I'm curious about who is the culprit.

Any method to know that?

I've used top talker clients in reports section but there the four first clients are IP phones. Wich are very unlikely to be generating 20 Mb per second.
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Re: How to detect a greedy client

If you have Airwave, that will easily tell you who are the clients passing the most traffic.

The controller has only flash, not a large hard drive, so it can only keep so much historical information. Airwave is designed to keep a large amount of historical data.

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Re: How to detect a greedy client

I use SolarWinds and Air-Wave

First SolarWinds “top ten wireless clients by traffic” will list the top ten APs with the most traffic.
Then from Air-Wave, AP-Devices-> Monitor check that particular high traffic AP. Then you can drill down to the host with graph of bandwidth usage.

If you don't have these tools, you can sniff the traffic using a monitor AP and Wireshark via Aruba-ERM protocol
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Re: How to detect a greedy client

Thanks guys.
At the moment the greddy client is gone.
I'll try this when it cames again.
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