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How to remove old expired licenses

We did a beta release of 5.0 so we have some leftover temporary licenses that expired. We're now running the latest 5.0 release, but how can I remove the expired license? I get the message "key has already expired; no action taken" when I choose delete from the license page on the controller. I know it's just a vanity thing, but it comes up in airwave too as a alert for the controller when i drill down.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: How to remove old expired licenses

backup config
write erase all
re-apply new licenses
restore config

It is an ugly "sledgehammer for a nail" approach, but it will do what you want.
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Re: How to remove old expired licenses

I may just wait till I've got my new 6000 controller to try that. I'd be dead in the water if I fried it for whatever reason. I know the likely hood is nill, but I've been burned too many times.
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