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IP Mobility Question

Maybe I'm not understanding IP Mobility (layer 3) correctly. Any help would be appreciated! I would like users to be able to move between controllers without having to change SSID names and still be able to use IP mobility.

I have two controllers in a Master-Local configuration and want to implement IP Mobility. I created a VAP profile, it has an option for what VLANs should be used. So the master in my case would have VLAN 112,113. Then I want to create another IP address range for the local controller using VLAN 114,115 using the same SSID name.

The limitation that I see is that the SSID I created on the master can not have VLAN 114,115 added to it, since I never defined it there. Plus the local can't have a VAPs defined on it.

Or another way to put it....If an AP changes controllers via IP Mobility do they need to continue to have access to the original SSID name they connected to?

Do I need to implement two masters to solve this problem? I'd like to keep the same SSID name regardless of controller for my users' sanity sake.

I'm moving beyond two controllers in a campus LAN environment and the VRD indicates that VLAN mobility doesn't work well beyond two controllers and that IP Mobility should be used instead.

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Aruba Employee

Re: IP Mobility Question

Please take a look at the campus VRD at that has a complete configuration for a campus network including L3 mobility. That should help you get the configuration down.

Andy Logan, ACDX
Director, Strategic Account Solutions
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