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IPV6 validusers

Currently using a validuser acl to control IP that get into our user-table

We've started playing with IPV6 on the wireless... to permit V6 users - I reduced our validuser acl to the default any any....

Unfortunately this leads to the user table filling with ipv6 link-local address (fe80::)

With hope I created a "v6-validuser" ipv6 session policy.... but I don't think this is handled like the special "validuser" acl.

For a moment thought I could use:
#firewall local-valid-users
and just add an IP to a vlan - even though I just want to bridge....

but can't configure ipv6 address on the controller... yet...

Is this a known issue with an existing workaround? (besides doubling my current PEF license limit :) )

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Re: IPV6 validusers

FYI: This appears to be a known issue... and will be fixed in a future AOS release
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