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Image Managment

Have an old 5000 controller that I need to upgrade from to Active partition is partition 0:0 (holds the code). Partition 0:1 holds older code (
Trying to upload the new code ( to partition 0:1 and it's saying there's no room. From the CLI I do a "show storage" and get the following:

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 57.9M 55.6M 2.4M 96% /
none 70.0M 4.0M 66.0M 6% /tmp
/dev/hda3 25.2M 4.2M 19.8M 17% /flash

How do I get into /dev/root and/or partition 0:1 and free up some space so I can do this upgrade? I've tried as many command options from the CLI as I can think of, but no dice. It's not like Cisco where you can just do a "del flash:/file.txt"

Aruba Employee

Re: Image Managment

Your flash partition is tiny! I'm guessing you have a 128MB compact flash which is why there's only 25M free. If you are unable to upgrade due to insufficient flash, please do the upgrade using tftp. It will write directly into the image partition.

This limitation has been fixed in later releases. We now use /tmp for temporary storage in case /flash doesn't have enough space.
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Re: Image Managment

Thank you Tony! Yeah, the controller was put in about 5 years ago and hasn't been touched since. Gotta love legacy stuff. Thanks again!
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