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Information not included in the ArubaOS User Guide

Hi All,

Here's some information that I could not find in the ArubaOS User Guide:

1. What is the maximum no. of AP groups supported?

2. In Master to local redundancy, what is maximum no. of local controllers to master controller ratio?

3. Can Aruba support Master-Master controller setting? Can Data sync of the Master-Master/Master-local timing be set?

4. If the AP connects to the Backup LMS, can the AP fallback to the LMS automatically? Can the timing be set?

5. Can the SSID be set to end with a space?

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Re: Information not included in the ArubaOS User Guide

1. Not sure the exact number, but I have customers with hundreds of AP groups.

2. Master Number of Locals (Config sync only)
M3 700
3600 500
3400 400
3200 250
SC1/SC2 450

3. Yes, using the CLI "database syncronize period " or the GUI under Configuration > Advanced Services > Redundancy (then check the "Enable periodic database syncronization" box and set the frequency). This is on page 391 of the 3.4 users guide.

4. Yes, on page 146 of the 3.4 UG, it explains this. Basically, you set the LMS, backup LMS IP and enable pre-emption, then set a hold-down timer in the ap system profile.

5. Not currently.
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