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Intel 2200BG Wireless NIC and 802.11h

We were having troubles having an Intel 2200BG wireless NIC associate with Aruba AP's. After updating drivers and troubleshooting with no luck a call to our Aruba SE gave us the answer. Evidently when we upgraded to 3.1 802.11h is turned on by default and the 2200BG NIC doesn't like that very much. As it turns out just advertising that the AP is 802.11h capable was enough to cause the laptop to not associate at all with the AP. We couldn't find any logs on the laptop or the controller that would tell us this but our SE new the answer (Thanks).
There is one trick to this however. You have to turn off CSA (channel switching) first and apply the change before you can uncheck the box for 802.11h. Just wanted people to know so they don't have to rip their hair out like we did. Hope it helps.
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