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Interfering Client

Hi all,

I'm starting to look slightly more at the reporting options available within our controller (AOS, no WIPS license).

I understand the concept of Rogue / Interfering access points, however I am a little confused by the rogue/interfering client classification. I would have thought than a rogue client is one which is connected to a rogue AP, and an interfering client is one which is connected to an interfering AP however this does not match with what I am seeing.

I have a client who is connected to an Aruba AP on a local controller. Looking at the report of interfering clients on the master controller, this client is listed despite it being connected to the Aruba equipment.

Have I missed something?

Re: Interfering Client


The system only marks clients as "Valid" that have successfully sent encrypted data to the AP. This ensure that the user connected has been given a key and is allowed on the system. With open systems, it is hard to qualify who is supposed to be there and who is just connected because it is open, so we keep these users marked as "Interfering".


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Re: Interfering Client

OK thanks, that makes sense.

One of the things we are thinking of doing is using the XML API to provide additional detail about clients we know about (our open access SSID has a non-Aruba captive portal behind it). Would it be possible to have clients marked as known when we provide this additional information?
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