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Ipaq 215

Hi All,

Has anybody generally had a problem with these connecting unreliably?

I won't go into too much detail, but the controllers (3) are running, and the Ipaqs are running the latest of everything. It's not environmental, and we're tried all different encryptions combos and open/disabled.

They can connect, but they're fussy and don't always.

I think it's probably a network problem in this case, but if anybody has struggled with these, i'd love to know what they found.

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Re: Ipaq 215

What type of encryption? WEP? If so, I strongly suggest you move to either another device or unencrypted Captive Portal. We've run into so many problems we no longer support any iPaq devices on our network. We are moving to a captive portal SSID for all handheld devices (iPaqs are still on their own).
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Re: Ipaq 215

Unfortunately, we've tried EVERY combination of security settings including completely open with no captive portal or f/w. It's still unreliable. Although interestingly, only in areas where the ipaq can hear lots (6 or more) APs.

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