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Is Captive Portal available on remote APs in 5.0?


We run on campus. I'm bringing up a new 3200 controller specifically for remote APs and decided to run 5.0 for this controller (it's a Master). I came across this in the ArubaOS Release Notes:

"40076 Captive Portal is not supported in bridge mode"

Does this mean that I cannot configure an SSID to use Captive Portal on a RAP? Aren't all RAPs by definition running in bridge mode? These RAPs will be "off campus", coming in from commodity Internet.

Am I simply confused?

Thanks in advance,
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Captive Portal on RAP

We all use RAP on captive portal every day. It certainly works.

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Re: Is Captive Portal available on remote APs in 5.0?

But I'm guessing your RAP's aren't configured to BRIDGE traffic as forwarding mode? ;)

Bridge: 802.11 frames are bridged into the local Ethernet LAN. When a remote AP or campus AP is in bridge mode, the AP (and not the controller) handles all 802.11 association requests and responses, encryption/decryption processes, and firewall enforcement. The 802.11e and 802.11k action frames are also processed by the AP, which then sends out responses as needed.
An AP in bridge mode does not support captive portal authentication. Both remote and campus APs can be configured in bridge mode. Note that you must enable the
control plane security feature on the controller before you configure campus APs in
bridge mode.

You'll have to use tunnel or split-tunnel mode. See also Answer ID 443 in the knowledgebase.
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Re: Is Captive Portal available on remote APs in 5.0?

Thanks for the clarification. This helps. Now I need to make some decisions based on that information.

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