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Re: Issues with Mac systems?

Not to hijack this thread entirely, but it has come to my attention that Mac clients have been having issues connecting to Aruba 802.11n networks with bonded channels where the beacons are broadcast on the secondary channel instead of the control channel. The bug ID is 36819 and was reportedly fixed in Aruba OS I can't seem to locate the release notes for that build. Additionally, OS X 10.5.8 includes some driver fixes for their 2008 and 2009 Broadcom chipsets that seem to alleviate connection issues. Authentication has never seemed to be much of an issue so I wouldn't look to weaken that, if possible.
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MAC and Aruba

It is a 2 sided equation:
RISD (an Art School with 65%+ Mac) had a huge problem with Mac's connecting.

Mac's made a few major revisions in their code and Aruba made some changes in the 3.x.x.18 code.

The latest code from Apple has some changes too. Most of our problems (dropping etc) were resovled with the Aruba mods and Apple's changes.

Mac 10.3 wont work
Mac 10.4.11 is pretty good.
10.5 is very good.

Ian Lyons
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MAC and Aruba

Hi Ian,

Thanks for sharing your experiences. Can you provide specific AOS as
3.x.x could be 3.1.x.x, 3.2.x.x, or 3.3.x.x. But I would infer that you
are referring to

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