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Issues with Motorola Xoom?

Just wanted to see if anybody has had any issues with the new Xoom running Android 3.0.

More specifically with the captive portal redirect.

I don't have any problems with our captive portal on any other devices - works fine with iPhone 4, iPad, and other various devices (Android 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and probably even 1.x versions).

Had a user today with a new Xoom (just picked up today). I was having some issues with my log viewing software to see if credentials were even making to our server, and since it was a new device, the user didn't want to leave it with me to play with.

After connecting to the network (open with no security) it just would not go to the captive portal page. Trying to determine if it is an issue with the Xoom browser.

We have another open network and it connected to that without any issues, but no captive portal on that network, and also not an Aruba network (Linksys router and Engenius APs).

Hoping to get my log viewer issues resolved and to have more than 5 minutes to troubleshoot a device that the user refuses to leave his hands.
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