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LMS-IP problem


- I have two Aruba Switches in 5.03 OS (vrrp mode).
- I have 3 groups AP, two on Switch1 (master) and 1 on Switch2.

- The two first groups have the master IP for LMS-IP
- The third group have the Switch2 IP host for LMS-IP and Switch2 IP for LMS backup IP.

Every morning, all AP's of the Switch N°2 are connected on Switch N°1 (master).

The "LMS preemption" was not check, so i check it and now, AP come back automaticly on their host.

I have find anything in Switch logs that can cause that, the switch is up from 16 days, so there is no reasons AP move on the master.
There is no Network problems, both of Switch are on the same Lan, same FW...

Any ideas ?
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Re: LMS-IP problem

Do you have one or two VRRP instances? You should have two, with each mobility controller being the master on one of the instances.

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Re: LMS-IP problem

Hi, in fact, i'm beginner with Aruba.

Here what i can see in configuration:
- 3 Switches
- One master, one standby and one local.

40 AP are in group A with LMS IP on master switch (no backup LMS IP).
10 AP are in group B with LMS IP local switch (backup LMS IP is master switch).
On the Redundancy menu, I can see that:
- Virtual router table: one entry with the gateway IP address, operation state is MASTER and admin state is UP.
- Master Redundancy:
o Master VRRP: 2
o Peer’s IP address: IP of Standby’s Switch.
o Peer’s IPsec Key…

In the AP log report, we can see that:

Rebootstrap Information
Date Time Reason (Latest 10)
2011-03-08 11:12:14 sapd's state set to SAPD_STATE_CONFIG_RESET
2011-03-11 06:23:05 Switching to LMS IP_MASTER (sapd_check_hbt)
2011-03-14 18:47:59 Switching to primary LMS IP_LOCAL
2011-03-15 10:43:54 Switching to LMS IP_LOCAL (sapd_check_hbt)
2011-03-15 10:55:11 Switching to primary LMS IP_LOCAL
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