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Ldap authentication paths

hello all,
I have a server group with two ldap servers but it only will authenticate to whichever server is on the top. It does not filter through the second one if it does not find the account. I think the issue may be the way they have set up the LDAP servers with similar OU names that I'm filtering for. is there a way to confirm a way to see the path it takes to authenticate? I did try the debugging command
aaa query-user but you have to tell it which ldap server to poll. It does poll if i do it through the command line but not when login from portal.
aaa test-server pap
any ideas? :confused:

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Fail-through Option

In every SERVER GROUP, there is a "Fail Through" option. If you enable this, for every rejection to an LDAP server, it will check the following LDAP server in that server group.

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Thanks man. I didn't want to click on it but you confirm and the name "fail through" kind of gave it away. lol. either way. works like a charm. thanks.
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