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License Management and the Netgear AP License

Dose any one have the full story of why in the License Management on my controller running it lists “Netgear AP” but when I have contacted Aruba I was told that you cannot purchase a “Netgear AP” License.

I have a couple of the WAG102 Netgear APs from a previous wireless system that can be upgraded to WAGL102 APs with a firmware that loads on APBOOT and are supported by the Netgear OEM Aruba 800 controller.

It would be nice to use them but no-one seems to know the situation with the “Netgear AP” License.

Can anybody help explain what is going on?
Aruba Employee

License Management and the Netgear AP License

The Netgear AP license is not supported on the ArubaOS platform. It was created for OEM only but inadvertently exposed on the ArubaOS software. Sorry for the confusion.

- Tony
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