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Licenses and Redundancy

We currently have two controllers in a master/local mode for around 50 APs which is working very well and it provides redundancy too.

However, we need to add another 50 APs into our system and we can only afford to have one more controller.

As Each controllers can support up to 64 APs in term of licenses,just wondering what would be the best approach to set this up with this 3 controllers, 100 APs and provides certain level of reduncancy. Say, one controller down and still have all APs up.

Thanks for any advice provided.
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Re: Licenses and Redundancy

If you have 3 controllers you could put 33 APs on each (with 1 extra on one of them).

Each controller could have 2 AP groups with the same settings except for a different redundant controller address (or different VRRP if your doing L2). If any controller fails, half the controllers will go to each of the remaining controllers.

You will need to ensure each controller has 50 licenses.

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Re: Licenses and Redundancy

Thanks for your advice:)
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