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Licensing Question

Hi Everyone -

I have a new license that I would like to activate and apply to my controller. The problem is, I would like to "link" my account on the License Management site with those of my colleagues.

If I activate this license under my own account, others in my group will not be able to access it in the future. Is there some way to make this license appear on everyone's account? Or to share all licenses across a given customer?

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Re: Licensing Question


I just got an answer to the above question and wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested. If you call Tech Support, they can link multiple logins to the same pool of licenses. This way, it won't matter who activates a particular license. All members of the group will be able to see it.

Take care.
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Re: Licensing Question

Thanks Jay, I was wondering the same thing. Curious, do you know if they have to do that with every new license, or is it a global setting they can change so anyone registered within one company can see all licenses no matter who activated them?
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By Default, Separate

By default it is separate for each individual email address.

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Licensing Question

Essentially, users become part of a group and anything licenses added
present time and future will become accessible to the group. You will
need to update support on changes (add / remove) to the group.
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