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Limit an SSID to just one website

I've been instructed to allow iPod touches to access our wireless network but have Internet access only, and to just one website and nothing else.

I'm not to familiar with firewalls and so does anyone have suggestions on a simple way of accomplishing this?

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Re: Limit an SSID to just one website

Access Control> Policies (tab)> Add

Give the new Policy a name like iPodT-Website

Click Edit> Add

Source: User
Destination: Host - > Website IP ie
Service: Service - > svc-http (tcp 80)
Action: Permit

Click Add then Apply (IMPORTANT: Make sure you apply and come back to it to see if it applied.) Save Config

Now go to User Roles and add the policy to the iPod touch user role. Unless you have some other Firewall policy that allows the iPod full access to the network, then this should only allow the iPod Touch to get to the http site. Everything else is denied by default even though there is no rule there. You'll have to allow for dhcp/dns etc though.
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