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Is there a command on the controller I can use to show the current load on it's interfaces?

Showing Load on Interfaces

The CLI does not have a command that calculates and shows percentage or bps loading on a given interface. Instead you are able to view packets, bytes and octet traffic through one or more interfaces.

This information will give you an indication of loading on the interfaces in the system. Below I illustrate how to do this on Gigabit port 1/1.

Traffic through a given interface can be viewed with the show interface x/y command.
Example Syntax: Show interface gig 1/1

Counters may be cleared at any time on an interface by interface basis as well.
Example Syntax: Clear counters gig 1/1

To see loading on the interface, you could clear the counters, wait 10 seconds, run the show interface command and then divide the displayed bytes/packets etc by 10 to derive the bps and/or pps loading on that interface. You can do this independently on inbound and outbound traffic.
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