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We have multipule Aruba VLANS associated to a VAP/eSSID. Aruba is layer 2 trunked & routed at our core. We use DHCP helper address pointing to a MS DHCP server with all the scopes. A new laptop associates and gets DHCP address and can ping everything ok. Same laptop disassociates & then re-associates and gets put into a different vlan by aruba. DHCP kicks in and the MS server has a reservation for that laptop already (even tho its in a different vlan) and assigns the original IP to the laptop... of course the laptop cannot communicate due to being in one vlan with an ip in the range of another. (viewable in logs) If I disassociate the laptop, delete the reservation on the dhcp svr, and reassociate the laptop it will get a matching IP to vlan. I imagine someone has run into this?
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Sounds like the scopes are set up as a superscope on the dhcp server.
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Re: MS DHCP and Aruba VLANS

What version of ArubaOS? This is a bug, if a laptop is getting placed into different VLANs. VLAN pooling is supposed to place the same MAC address in the same VLAN everytime due to a hash function (unless the VLAN pool configuration changes).

I would open a support case on this.
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Re: MS DHCP and Aruba VLANS

this is partially because the client will request the same IP that it previously had. why wouldn't your user get the same vlan every time they connect to the wireless?
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