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Mac Address Cache timeout setting

The Aruba controller capability of the MAC cache updating every time it sees a machine authentication is not working. I believe i was told that this should work but if I change the MAC cache timeout to 24 hours and reboot the machine after 1 hour the controller keeps the original 23 hours timeout and does not update or reset the clock back to 24 hours.

our main goal is to do machine and user auth and 41 days the max cache timeout option is not good enough. So if a user boots up the pc they get the MAC cache done on the controller and it is there with expiration of 41 days the user reboots the pc on the 40th day bec some windows update or what ever now on the 41st day if the machine is not rebooted or logged off the user will stop working. Can any one help us out with a solution for this issue?
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Re: Mac Address Cache timeout setting

The machine does not do mac authentication every time it reboots. The machine would have to site at the control alt-delete for about a minute to do machine authentication. You would of course have to have machine authentication configured in the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration tab to occur in the first place.

If machine authentication is what you are really concerned about, you ensure that all your devices ONLY do machine-only authentication on wireless by following the instructions here:

The end-user still has to enter his credentials to get into the machine, and will not know the difference. You would not have to use enforce machine authentication on Aruba in that case.

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