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Master-Local Controller setup without VRRP- Active-active

Hi Guys,
I have 2 A6000 controllers, one running as master, and the other running as local controller. No VRRP is used, so master has and LMS IP and local has its own LMS IP. Let say if i have 10 APs. In this scenario, can i still make 5 of my APs register to master controller and another 5 APs register to local controller. is this possible?

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Master-Local Controller setup without VRRP- Active-active

Sure, with two AP groups.
AP Group A -- LMS-IP = Local Controller, BKUP-LMS-IP = Master
AP Group B -- LMS-IP = Master Controller, BKUP-LMS-IP = Local

Drag and drop half the APs into Group A and the other half into Group B

This assumes you have adequate licensing on both controllers of course.
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Re: Master-Local Controller setup without VRRP- Active-active

Thanks. But if master and local controller is not in the same subnet/remotely apart, does it still work? If this still works, then configurations can be centrally managed and done via master controller. Is this correct? Correct me if i am wrong.

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Re: Master-Local Controller setup without VRRP- Active-active

Master and local controllers does not have to reside on the same subnet. As long there is L3 connectivity from the APs to the controllers, your setup will work fine. And yes, this is the way to have your configuration centrally manage by a master controller.

One thing to keep in mind, if your master controller goes down, you will not be able to make any changes to the configuration until the master controller is on the network. The local controller(s) will continue to function but you cannot manage the wireless configuration.

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