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Master/Local Deployment Advice

I am currently running a 3600 controller at location A. This controller has approximately 100 RAP2's connecting to it that are used for home office setups. They consist of a wired avaya phone and the corporate SSID. I have a second 3600 that I plan to deploy as a local. The question is if I put the local at another WAN connected office (office B) I cannot use the same address space. This causes an issue because the phones are powered with a power brick and will not reboot with the AP. The phones need to be rebooted to obtain an address on the new subnet via DHCP. This may be ok of it is only for DR type scenarios however I am concerned that the AP's will fail to local occasionaly due to any type of issue resulting in a loss of connectivity to the master.
The other option is to install the local at location A same as the master. This would allow me to still provide redundancy and a seamless failover as well as the ability to migrate AP's for maintenance etc. Has anyone ran into a similar challenge? If so can I expect the AP's to connect to the local occasionaly in the first scenario? If so that would be a major disadvantage for that scenario.

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Re: Master/Local Deployment Advice

Since the state of the phone is important, I would:

Place both controllers at the same site
Trunk them both to the same VLAN
No matter what controller the phones land on, they will be in the same VLAN, as well as get the same ip address back
You should now point the RAPs at a DNS address that has two addresses. one that would be the primary controller and one that would be the backup. If there is a loss of connectivity to the first, the access point would try the second address that it got from the DNS resolution.

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Re: Master/Local Deployment Advice

I think you need to assess your goals or objectives for the second controller. What's most important? What do you wish to accomplish? Redundancy? DR? Load Balancing? Capacity Issues? etc..

I don't think I have enough information to accurately give you my opinion of the best solution. Though given what I do know you could do a Master/Master redundant cluster at location A if capacity is not an issue. If it is I would then move to a Master/Local at location A and manually load balance my AP's while providing the opposite controller as the backup. If DR comes into play, then move to a Master/Local setup with the local being at location B could work as well. Putting the phones in the mix, a Master/Master and Master/Local all at location A will provide redundancy so that even if a RAP2 fails over the phone should will be on the same vlan/subnet and should be able to resume after the RAP2 comes back up. All networks vary, but this solution provides redundancy for any Aruba failure. You will have to assess your network and determine other points of failure, like ISP, FW, etc.. In the DR scenario the phones will need to be rebooted to acquire a new IP for the new vlan or subnet.

There are other options, but in any case I would really suggest you get a hold of your local Aruba guy. Having your local guy get a resource for you to talk to, to resolve all scenarios and concerns in a short time would be the best bet.

Hope this helps
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