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Master/Local Questions


I've got two Aruba 6000 controllers in a master and local configuration. I am attempting to configure an AP to register on the Local Controller instead of the master.

No matter what I do the AP either dissapears completely, or will just use the Master as the Backup LMS and register there.

I have this AP in an AP-Group that has LMS: Local Controller IP Bckp-LMS: Master Controller.

From the AP's console it is able to ping both Controllers, and I dont see why it wont register on the Local Controller....anyone see anything I might be overlooking?


Master/Local Questions

Do you have sufficient licensing on the local ?

What do the log messages tell you is going on ?
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Re: Master/Local Questions

I thought we had sufficient licensing, but it appears that maybe we dont.

Jun 22 00:00:50 :300109: |licensemgr| Licenses will expire in 1 days

Is there a more verbose area that I can find what licenses this is talking about, as we still have 19 days of licenses according to the GUI.

Other than that, I can see the reboot messages on our "Local" controller from the AP I am testing with.

Master/Local Questions

I would recommend a 'show license verbose' from the command line. Have a look through them and note the 'expiry dates/times' on each.

You can also run 'show license limits' on the local controller to see what your licensed to.
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Re: Master/Local Questions

We definitely are not expired on any of the licensing. However I did find that the previous administrator had not rebooted the controller since applying the licenses so they were not active.

After a reboot of the controller, they are now showing active.

However I have this error in the log now

Jul 5 07:00:25 :304001: |stm| Unexpected stm (Station management) runtime error at data_path_handler, 642, data_path_handler: recv - Network is down

I didn't see this before, but I can reach and ping that controller from the AP and from my desktop. I can login to it, and it appears to be working.

Master/Local Questions

Thanks for the update. Glad the root cause has been identified with the 'show license' commands. They are definitely handy.
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Re: Master/Local Questions

I'm rolling through as much config as I can here on our switches as well.

The one controller that is "local" doesn't appear to have a management interface connected on our VLAN we selected.

Could this also be a reason for the AP not moving over?
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Re: Master/Local Questions

The local controller that serves as a backup to a master, must have the same client VLAN number defined locally as the master in order to service clients on that access point. You must create that VLAN specifically on that local controller, yes.

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