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Master/Local Radius error

Hope you guy's can help me out with this one we have just upgraded our controllers
to 3.4.2 code
We configured one of the Controllers as a Local but we now find we cannot authenticate and we get a AAA Authentication timeout when we run the AAA test Server the Master is fine. we ran the auth debug commands and this is what we got on the Local controller
(NACCOWLAN) (config) #show log security all
Apr 15 16:29:58 :103062: |ike| Starting cryptoPOST
Apr 15 16:39:32 :124004: |authmgr| Rx message 14001/5221, length 193 fr
Apr 15 16:39:32 :124004: |authmgr| Show user rows between 1 and 2
Apr 15 16:39:32 :124004: |authmgr| Rx message 14001/5221, length 187 from
Apr 15 16:39:40 :124004: |authmgr| Rx message 14001/5221, length 199 from
Apr 15 16:40:03 :124004: |authmgr| Rx message 14001/5221, length 250 from
Apr 15 16:40:03 :124011: |authmgr| Test authenticating user ecbrcode:****** using server ecmswitch
Apr 15 16:40:23 :124004: |authmgr| Auth server 'ecmswitch response=2
Apr 15 16:40:23 :124019: |authmgr| Test server response: AAA server timeout.

We can ping the Radius servers so we are stuck at what is causing this as we thought the master pushed all the radius configs to the local ?

(NACCOWLAN) (config) #ping
Press 'q' to abort.
Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:
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Radius Source Address is the Local

The master does push all radius information to the local, but the source address of the radius request is the local controller, as well. Make sure that on your radius server you have a radius client entry for the local server. If you look in your radius server logs, it might tell you that it is dropping a packet from an unauthorized client, or language that is similar.

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The Radius client configured on the IAS server had an incorrect IP and the wrong Keys!!!
Thanks for your assistance
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