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Master-Local VRPP configuration

I'm going to be reconfiguring our controller setup, since we have added an additional controller to our network. We have three 3600 controllers. Currently, two of them are configured in a master-master VRRP setup, and the redundancy and failover on those works perfectly. Since the third controller was added later, it is currently its own master, with no connection to the others. I'd like to set these up with N+1 redundancy.

I like the idea of setting them up as a Master and 2 Locals, so I have the advantage of a single, centralized management point. However, I don't like the long failover time of using a different Primary and Backup LMS. Since all three controllers are on the same subnet, and so are all of the access points, is it possible to combine that setup with VRRP? It seems like I should be able to create a VRRP instance for each local controller, with the Master being the lower-priority member of both instances. At that point my understanding is that I could use the VRRP address for the LMS IP, without a backup LMS IP, and I should be able to lose any one controller without losing service, with fast failover and preemption.

So, will that configuration work? Should I be setting it up differently? Have I provided enough information to answer those questions? Thanks in advance for any help any of you can provide.

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Re: Master-Local VRPP configuration

I don't see any issue with that configuration.
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Re: Master-Local VRPP configuration

I don't see any issue with Mike not seeing any issue with that configuration. :)

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