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Merging configs?

Is there a way to merge several lines of a config into an existing one, such as when on on another famous maker's equipment you copy from tftp to the running config? there anything between entering commands one by one via the CLI and importing an entire config and then booting off it?
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Copying Commands

There are some commands that have NO hierarchy, at all and it is easy to copy them from controller to controller.

There are some commands that are profile-based, and those normally require you to have defined the profile before referencing them, otherwise they will fail. Needless to say, you should only paste commands from the same code train from one device to another.

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Re: Merging configs?

Thanks...I was able to get by. You're right about the hierarchy, and also the command level (that is, whether one needs to specify the interface first, etc.). I did a lot of cut-and-pasting with putty; it saved me a lot of time (and entry errors, I'm sure).
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