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Mobile IP -VLAN

Just diving into IP mobility, and not quite sure if it will handle this situation.

Two controllers, Controller 1 has vlan 100. User/AP connect to Controller 2, which does not have the vlan that the user is assigned, vlan 100. Everything I have read seems to indicate the user must have started on Controller 1 and roamed to 2 for mobile IP to work, but is there a way to make this work if the user never started on Controller 1?

Basically I need a way to extend vlan 100 to Controller 2. There is also the 'vlan-mobility' setting under the wlan profiles, but it is nearly undocumented. (The CRG mentions is exists, and that is it)
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Re: Mobile IP -VLAN

IP Mobility would be used if the user connected to controller 2 (let's say vlan 200) and you wanted them to be able to roam to an AP on controller 1 without having to get a new IP even if vlan 200 wasn't on controller 2.

There are multiple ways you can put vlan 100 on controller 2. You can map that same vlan there if layer2 between the controllers, build a gre tunnel between them if you are crossing L3....

I am not sure what your need is but most of the time I would just use a different vlan on controller 2 and use a user role to control the user with PEF.

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Re: Mobile IP -VLAN

One correction "even if vlan 200 wasn't on controller 2" should have been "even if vlan 200 wasn't on controller 1"
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Vlan-mobility question

Although there is very detailed explanation in the above cited docs and design guides on IP Mobility, there is nothing documented that I can find that gives some explanation behind "vlan-mobility". Does this command imply that client traffic passes seamlessly on vlans shared between layer 2 connected controllers? I have this checkbox enabled on all my VAP's and my testing shows that it does not. Does anyone know of any explanation behind this configuration setting?
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